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Insurance software development

With iTechArt’s insurance software development services, you’ll put your company on track to bringing technological innovations to a highly traditional industry. Our teams of dedicated specialists will help you go digital and grow your business by using our experience and applying your breakthrough ideas.

Make insurance digital and agile

Our application development services and solutions will be a perfect fit both for incumbents facing growing competition and cutting-edge startups that dared to disrupt insurance consulting, cyber privacy, and mortgage insurance.

Traditional insurance companiesTraditional insurance companies iTechArt’s developers will help insurance organizations modernize legacy software or go digital from scratch to catch up with current technology trends and ever-increasing user demand. Residential Real EstateCutting-edge startups We’re focusing on empowering your tech endeavor so you can exceed your competitors. With us on board, you’ll get access to the unrivaled expertise in AI and machine learning, cloud systems, AR/VR, etc.

Transform your insurance
business with tech

Our team leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure you stay competitive in a traditional market
Virtual Assistants
We create highly-personalized virtual assistants and chatbots to provide your clients with insurance knowledge anywhere, anytime.
Virtual Assistants
We help you meet the ever-growing demand for broader solutions in software development by exploiting unique AR/VR opportunities.
We integrate AI and ML solutions into your products to achieve efficient, accurate analytics, illuminating highly actionable insights.
Big Data
Our extensive experience ultimately makes for smarter decisions, based on models, analytics, graphs, and evidence.
Big Data
With us on board, you’ll h ave access to data that can inform and safeguard your company, eliminating unnecessary risk factors

Insurtech solutions we excel at

Property and casualty
  • End-to-end claim management platforms
  • Automation of manual administrative tasks
  • AI-enabled mechanisms to better identify the causes of claims
Smart health
  • Customer behavioral and advanced communication analytics
  • Cloud services for monitoring and securing sensitive data
  • AI-based voice assistants and chatbots
Home and renters
  • One-click claims fully integrated with the receivable workflows
  • Fully-fledged risk-management platform
  • Automated analysis of clients needs to find the right policy
  • Quote software
  • Auto insurance underwriting
  • Apps for efficient reporting and analytics collecting

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