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We provide Real Estate software development services that make life easier for property owners, tenants, investors, developers, architects, brokers, agents and banks.

Bespoke Real Estate software solutions

Here at iTechArt, we open new doors to controlling commercial and residential development projects with custom solutions including Real Estate management software, broker solutions, accounting, and mobile apps - all designed for more efficient management, selling or buying property.

Commercial Real Estate: Commercial Real Estate:
  1. Real-time residence management with tenant/lease tracking
  2. Efficient communication through tenant portals and social media channels
  3. Full-service solutions for streamlined lead generation
Residential Real Estate: Residential Real Estate:
  1. Simplified property management and maintenance
  2. Resource booking applications to address customers needs
  3. Enhanced security provided by role-based access solutions

Custom Real Estate solutions built to amaze

We have been dedicated to meeting the long-term software development needs of prominent Real Estate players including Convene, Roomi, BuildingLink, Carson Living, and more.

Sticking to a concept of shaping the future, we blend the power of modern technology with our end-to-end development expertise and put together robust Real Estate solutions geared towards keeping pace with the fast-moving real-estate industry.

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Commercial property
management software
Rental property management Rental property management hover Rental property management active
Rental property
CRM/ERP software CRM/ERP software hover CRM/ERP software active
Real Estate
CRM/ERP software
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Security control
Security Security solutions Security intelligence services
Cloud-based Real
Estate solutions
Commercial property management software Building custom commercial management applications, we architect high-performance and feature-rich solutions for residential and commercial properties management helping managers and owners always stay on the same page. Rental property management Our custom-build rental property solutions are catered to landlord needs for reservation management including calendar, payment or integration with property insurance systems, customized prices, invoicing and more. Real Estate CRM/ERP software Staying well-organized and up-to-date while serving dozens of clients streamlines processes and enhances profitability. With hands-on expertise in building and deploying custom CRM and ERP solutions, we guide you through every stage, from building a first MVP to turning it into a leader in the Real Estate field. Security control systems Busy and crowded buildings put security at risk. Following security best practices, iTechArt’s team helps integrate video surveillance, role-based access security, and key control systems, enabling 24/7 property protection. Cloud-based Real Estate solutions With ever-growing demand for connectivity, cloud-based software solutions are becoming the new norm for all Real Estate market participants. The iTechArt team has a proven track record developing cloud-enabled solutions that put you in the limelight of the Real Estate market.

Made things real for Real Estate

Managing property from multiple systems or applications can be a frustrating experience. One of the most common requests we hear from our clients is the desire to create constant and reliable communication channels between a great number of people and locations at one time. Adhering to a “can do” attitude, our dedicated teams always meet stringent deadlines and objectives.

Web design
Web design We’ve mastered the idea of building next-gen mobile-responsive and easy to maintain solutions that comply with the requirements of Real Estate agents, property managers, investors and end users.
Multi LS
Multi LS To stay at the forefront of competition in the fast-paced housing market, we arm websites with MLS/IDX integrations and can develop from scratch a MLS solution.
Custom mobile apps
Custom mobile apps Building sophisticated mobile experiences is our forte, including custom property management apps, apps for Real Estate agents, and of course apps for residents - native or cross-platform.
Powerful integrations
Powerful integrations CRM and ERP integrations are essential for keeping track of customers, inventory management or invoicing. We continue to enhance solutions and integrate them with other systems or services needed to grow your business.

Unrivalled heights of Real Estate software development

We keep our eyes open for upcoming trends. Our squad of battle-tested engineers has all the expertise to turn emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and Big Data into the catalyst for inception of new disrupting products.

AR and VR

Virtual and augmented reality are changing the Real Estate market. 3D visualization, virtual tours, point-and-click floor plans are no longer just “nice to have,” they are a must for agents and Real Estate companies wanting to provide more engaging shopping experiences. We build custom AR and VR solutions that help users instantly visualize properties, saving time and money upfront.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a perfect match for Real Estate companies that want to get data-driven insights, streamline Real Estate lead management, automate property evaluation or provide chatbot support for potential clients. By utilizing best-of-breed technologies, our team forges unrivalled AI-powered customer experiences to help you stay ahead of the tech curve.


IoT applications in commercial Real Estate are designed to tackle ever-increasing tenant demands. Our team creates powerful IoT solutions for Real Estate that turn properties into intelligent buildings. Pre-installed sensors and real-time system monitoring help to handle system failures before they occur, turning properties into more energy and business-efficient spaces.

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