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As an AWS Consulting Partner, iTechArt leverages cloud and serverless architecture to help you operate and compete at an unprecedented speed and scale — all at a reduced cost.
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Serverless takes care of everything, from infrastructure management and automatic scaling to built-in availability and pay-for-value billing. Not only will our expert cloud engineers maximize its countless benefits as they set up your custom architecture, but they’ll nail each and every individual function in your application code. All you have to do is focus on growing your business and adapting the product for its end user.
Save up to 70% with pay-per-use
No server maintenance
Faster time-to-market
More productive developers
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Why choose AWS?

Our certified AWS professionals combine unrivaled technical skill with industry-specific, state-of-the-art expertise to help your business push past server capacity limits and realize its promise to the fullest.
Increased scalability and accelerated innovation
Agile architecture automatically scales from zero to meet maximum demand so you can pivot and adapt to customer needs faster than ever.
Quick deployments and updates
With no need for any backend configuration, we can update, patch, fix, or add new features to your application on the go.
Improved geolocation and latency
Running application functions on servers close to the end user means customers worldwide receive the same high level of service.
Laser focus on UX
With infrastructure management being handled by AWS, you can devote more time to improving user experience and enhancing operations.

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