Custom software development

iTechArt’s bespoke software development services are continually transformed and enhanced through people, processes, and technology. We are dedicated to helping companies achieve user-focused applications, leap over engineering barriers, and rewire operations.
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Set up a scalable growth engine

We synchronise with your desire for disruption and reach the inner core of your software development requirements. We always match the pace, scale, and digitisation of your business.
Software development from scratch
Being based on scalable, secure, and compliant principles, our custom-made systems are designed to meet your goals and fit your target audience.
Quality assurance (QA) and testing
We leverage the latest quality assurance practices, focused on automation. This enables us to evaluate product performance in various test environments before moving to production.
Software redesign and modernisation
iTechArt’s team assists you in optimising the core while upgrading and expanding your current IT operations, in order to reach digital-native speed and relevance.
Our team helps companies envision and capture value from emerging market opportunities while keeping your potential clients, employees, and business partners in mind.
The forefront of technology

Your growing expectations for customisation have driven us to explore new frontiers of software engineering. Regardless of project complexity and size, we unite advanced technologies with the latest software development tools to deliver exceptional products with maximum efficiency.








High-quality software solutions: the iTechArt cut

Your product is our main priority. iTechArt accelerates all stages of the software development lifecycle by eliminating redundancies, allowing visibility into the workflow, and leveraging proven methodologies.

Requirements analysis

From ideation through prototyping into future scenarios, we actively involve your business users and stakeholders in the design process, so you get something they truly love.

UI/UX Design

At its core, any successful UI/UX experience starts with masterful frontend development. We deliver UI/UX designs that are intuitive, engaging, and tidy.

Development and testing

We perform all planned activities regarding software, integration of hardware and 3rd party services, network, and other system elements.


iTechArt’s QA specialists ensure the quality of the deliverables by applying more extensive test coverage, thus reducing test cycle times and enabling faster deployment.


After successful implementation, we keep monitoring system health and user satisfaction rate, while looking for improvement opportunities.

Industry experts

With over 15 years in the industry, we look at the market from different angles. iTechArt has developed excellence in partnering with leading startups and large enterprises across the following verticals:





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