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About Curve

A one-of-a-kind, UK-based platform that consolidates credit cards within one app, Curve were looking for ways to enhance their speed and agility to deliver a more meaningful customer experience.

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Project description

Following a £70M Series C, Curve's team determined that bringing on a growth-minded development partner made perfect sense — and iTechArt’s proven experience marrying strategy, technology, and seamless processes made for an optimal fit. Within just two days, Curve hired four Go engineers, then almost immediately added three more PHP and Node specialists. The task at hand? Help the in-house paytech team streamline the core payment mechanisms.

To do so, we built new functionality into the existing microservices and refactored elements of legacy systems, empowering Curve to adapt more easily to future user demand. Using AWS, our team also enabled deployment flexibility, cutting-edge performance, and organisational scalability.

Thanks to our partnership, the client underwent a complete upgrade of their backend system, increasing brand value and equipping them to capitalise on future opportunities.


The additional features we implemented allowed Curve to raise £9.4M in a record-breaking Crowdcube campaign, bringing the total investment to almost £132M. What’s more, the startup is predicted to hit unicorn status in the near future.

Additionally, our team has continued to fine-tune the solution as Curve expands internationally, moving into the US as well as deepening its European reach.

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Tools & technologies



  • Golang
  • Node.js
  • PHP

Other technologies

  • AWS
  • K8S
  • RabbitMQ
  • Symfony

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