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Digitising the world’s favorite whole foods company

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Audit performed in 1 month instead of the 3 originally planned

Project description

In the face of ongoing digital disruption, our client, a health food giant, decided it was time to graduate beyond the legacy solutions it had relied on for decades. The company needed a partner that could modernise their operation by introducing cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the requirements of 21st-century customers.

Having successfully worked with iTechArt in the past, their CTO engaged us for an internal audit of the existing infrastructure. Impressed by the results — delivered 3x faster than expected — the client halted cooperation with their core vendor and reassigned responsibility for engineering the solution to us.

With the project already 18 months behind schedule, we needed to act fast. In just three weeks, we were able to equip the company with a dedicated team of 25 senior pros capable of making crucial architectural decisions and developing new, mission-critical features. The key element of our strategy was a quantum leap toward microservices, which allowed for accelerated deployment and improved system performance.

Importantly, prior to our work together, the client had a poorly organized internal communication process. To enable our distributed team to work seamlessly — anywhere, anytime — we introduced a set of effective communication channels, assigning responsibility areas and establishing a regular meeting cadence.


With us on board, this nutrition juggernaut is positioned to continue their ascent as an intelligent and cloud-enabled enterprise.

Everything we’ve developed, and continue to develop, helped the client stand out from the thousands of wellness companies on the market — not only limited to the high quality of their product, but also owing to the superior user experience they’re now able to provide across 20 countries globally.

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Tools & technologies



  • AEM
  • Java
  • Python
  • MS SQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Node.js


  • Vue.js
  • Redux
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


  • Adobe Cloud
  • AWS Cloud
  • MS Azure

Other technologies

  • CAS
  • ELK
  • Kibana
  • GraphQL
  • Jhipster

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