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Berlin-based Upvest's API empowers businesses to offer great investment experiences, tailored to customers’ needs.

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team growth within the first two months
Series A raised with our platform

Project description

After just three years of use, Upvest recognised its technology was already becoming obsolete. As one of the hundred fastest-growing startups in Germany, the company wanted their product to be on par with their business success; to avoid losing time on development, they would need a partner who could support their existing solution while rebuilding it as a scalable, cutting-edge application.

Competing against dozens of other vendors, two of our Golang engineers passed a challenging sequence of CEO-led interviews to work alongside Upvest’s in-house developers. Shortly after, our team doubled in number to match the client’s evolving needs.

Our initial responsibility was the 2.0 version of their B2B platform, building from scratch to allow users to buy and sell shares, fractional investments, and much more. Upvest also relied on our long-standing partnership with Google Cloud to improve infrastructure security, monitoring, and elasticity, which, in turn, accelerated feature deployment and elevated the customer experience.


Supported by new functionality, Upvest’s API managed to scale and has generated $100M+ in transaction volume to date. What’s more, within two months of the start of our engagement, the company announced $18M in Series A funding, bringing its total raised to over $20M.

Looking forward, the partnership between Upvest and iTechArt is poised for continued growth, as the client is currently expanding our team in order to advance their roadmap.

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Tools & technologies



  • Golang
  • Elastic

    Other technologies

    • Postgresql
    • RabbitMQ
    • Vault
    • Comply-Advantage
    • Kubernetes
    • GCP
    • IDNow

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