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About VerseX Studios

VerseX Studios is a cutting-edge Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) committed to developing innovative solutions for the metaverse.

iTechArt team members
months to deliver a full proof-of-concept
months of active engagement (and counting!)

Project description

Picture yourself in an immersive, virtual world of trading assets, running a business, and reaping NFTs from in-game quests, and you’re in the forthcoming metaverse from VerseX Studios.

During the early planning stages of the VR game, which runs on the XRP Ledger Blockchain, VerseX Studios realised it needed a partner that specialises in these emerging technologies. But the company soon discovered vendors with such expertise are few and far between.

In December 2021, the firm began talks with iTechArt and after learning more about the results we’ve delivered on similar projects, selected us to help make their virtual world a reality.

The project scope was ambitious: to provide users with a fun community environment and the chance to earn NFTs and in-game currency based on VerseX Studios’ own native token.

We began the project with a discovery phase to help VerseX Studios define the concept of the community-based game and identify its users and key selling points. Our team completed a game design document, high-quality artworks, a risk assessment, and competitor analysis. In addition, we guided various technology decisions involving game engines, architecture, blockchain, and coding languages.

All this helped the firm create a winning game plan, identify the possibilities for growth, and consolidate its vision.


We’ve helped VerseX Studios define the game in full while advising that it’s developed in distinct phases. Rather than try to create everything at once, VerseX Studios are on track to release a minimum viable product (MVP) and will keep interest levels up by adding the features we’ve defined with them over time.

Impressed by our expertise and the quality of deliverables, the firm has now commenced discussions with us for a second project.

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Tools & technologies



  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Figma

GameDev tools

  • Unreal Engine 5
  • Blender

Other technologies

  • XRPL 20

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