QA and testing

iTechArt QA teams examine your software product from the ground up to identify its strengths and weaknesses. With that detailed, robust insight, you’re armed with the knowledge you need to make smart decisions. The result? A bug-free solution.
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Take quality assurance to new heights

Seasoned engineers dive into QA with a keen awareness of the importance of best-in-class functionality — and of adhering to deadlines. We cultivate talent that is fully prepared to take on the most complex projects and align your product with your vision.
Mobile testing
iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps are thoroughly analysed to detect stress, load, and performance bottlenecks. We also perform connectivity, conformance, and interruption testing to make sure your product launches without a hitch.
Test automation
Our experts ensure that your product goes through rigorous, comprehensive QA so you benefit from faster time-to-market for your product, whether it’s web, mobile or desktop software. Automation rounds out our testing coverage.

Quality from the start

Our QA engineers review your project in the early stages of its development, ensuring that everything progresses as it should so you can focus on the big picture: growing your business.

Test strategy development

We get your input to define the scope, techniques, and resources of the quality assurance process; from there we create a schedule that supports your project goals.

Test case design

Comprehensive test cases created by our team identify knowledge gaps and uncover new insights, strengthening every aspect of your software.

Test implementation

After our QA engineers execute test cases, they share the results so you know exactly where the weaknesses are and what can be improved. We’ll also recommend next steps.

Defect management

We verify that all defects are identified, recorded, and fixed. We then perform regression testing to ensure that existing functionalities work as intended after fixes.

Result reporting

iTechArt’s quality assurance team creates a summary report with an overview of completed tasks, future tasks, possible risks, and other guidance.

Proven methodology for maximum impact

We collaborate with our clients to streamline development processes and constantly innovate approaches that optimise QA.
A growth mindset
The most prominent asset of our quality assurance and testing services is the sheer level of expertise our teams provide. Our QA department includes over 200 experts with certifications from the ISTQB.
In-depth knowledge
Expertise across multiple business sectors and domains enables our quality assurance experts to swiftly and effectively address your strategic needs.
Compliance, transparency, and security
We ensure full transparency at every step of the testing process while prioritising security; our tests are executed on protected servers and data banks to guarantee the safety and privacy of your product.

Testing the limits

Manual testing

We play the role of end-user to verify that your software behaves as intended outside the emulator.

Security testing

With comprehensive penetration and compliance testing, we provide the highest standard of security to make sure your product is fully protected from malware.

Functional testing

We simulate real-world load and system pressure to ensure that your website or application’s functionality exceeds expectations, tracking its conformity to business logic requirements.

Usability testing

Our QA team evaluates a website or app’s user flow and provides a comprehensive review of its look and feel, accessibility, and UX.

Compatibility testing

We offer a range of compatibility testing services to confirm that products work as intended across operating systems as well as platforms and browsers.

Optimise your stack

Our quality assurance engineers collaborate with you; together we strategize to find the perfect stack for your needs.


Continuous integration

  • MS Visual Studio TFS
  • TeamCity
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Jenkins
  • CruiseControl

Performance testing

  • Apache JMeter
  • JProfiler
  • NProfiler
  • MS VS Ultimate Edition


  • Selenium
  • Cucumber
  • SpecFlow
  • WatiN
  • JUnit
  • NUnit
  • Appium
  • SoapUI


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