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As a leading blockchain development company, we design and implement powerful, real-world applications. Our blockchain solutions can pave the way to game-changing internal innovation, increase your revenue, and prepare your organisation for the future.
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Blockchain solutions for forward-thinking businesses

Yearly global spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach £15bn by 2024, an increase of more than 50% compared to 2020. Once a building block for cryptocurrency, blockchain is now core to banking and finance and is quickly disrupting just about every industry, from accounting to real estate.

When you partner with iTechArt, you stay focused on the big picture while we handle the details of implementing blockchain. Here’s what you can expect:

Enhanced security
With blockchain, you're better positioned to create a highly secure infrastructure, mitigating concerns around security, privacy, and control.
Improved traceability
Blockchain is decentralised and relies on a peer-to-peer network to validate information instead of data centres. Tampering with blockchain data requires altering 51% of the peer network, which means it’s not only secure but reliable.
Greater scalability
Since blockchain solutions don’t require a daunting number of servers, scaling is considerably simpler than it is with a typical app.
Lower costs
Distributed ledger technology can significantly reduce IT costs while reducing the degree of manual intervention needed to gather, amend, and share information.

Our blockchain services

Custom blockchain app development

iTechArt provides full-cycle development to deliver products that help you secure transactions, control digital assets, and protect your entire ecosystem.

Smart contracts development

Automation is our forte. With blockchain, this translates to smart contracts that streamline services and deter fraudulent transactions.

Crypto exchange and wallet development

Our team knows how to craft and tailor secure, UX-friendly cryptocurrency wallets and exchange apps that are paired with top-notch customer support.

Decentralised (dApp) development

We deploy decentralised applications for clients interested in tapping opportunities like cryptocurrency, advanced supply chain data tracking, and middleman exclusion.

ICO and IEO development

We plan and execute initial coin and exchange offering solutions, taking care of token creation, smart contract development, website design, and integration of ICO and IEO analytics.

Non-fungible token (NFT) development

We convert digital assets into unreplicable NFTs and offer advice on the best way to deploy the technology.

Our blockchain solutions

Smart contracts

Smart contract algorithms allow your app to automate agreements between parties when preset conditions are met. That means a faster and safer workflow.

Cloud storage

Extra, off-chain cloud storage provides the ultimate safety net.

Supply chain communications

By checking a ledger’s transactions, blockchain enables tracking of tokenized physical assets throughout the entire supply chain, complete with details such as origin, value, and authenticity.

Crypto payments

We build platforms that enable faster, more reliable, and secure payments between banks and individual customers.

Electronic voting

Due to blockchain’s traceability and wide-scale application, blockchain-based voting systems can be optimised for both government and corporate elections.

Approaches to blockchain

No matter what blockchain solution you choose, our implementation strategy is guided by your goals. Our job is to make your adoption of blockchain transformative, giving you greater control over your product.


As the most decentralised form of blockchain, public blockchains include some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are optimised for large-scale user bases in which maintaining the system’s block integrity benefits all users.


When privacy is paramount, you need a trusted network model that scrutinises nodes before pinning them to the ledger.


A hybrid blockchain works best when a compromise between privacy and speed is needed. In this model, transaction data is private but still verifiable.

Blockchain applications
across industries

Blockchain technology increases efficiency, transparency, and operational speed in many industries:


When blockchain is applied in fintech, the results are simplicity, transparency, and efficiency with every transaction.


Blockchain software in healthcare can improve supply chains, data management and sharing, patient risk assessment, and ultimately patient well-being.

Real estate

Blockchain solutions empower both brokers and clients with better search and match processes, crystal-clear ownership histories, and title management while simplifying finance management and payments.


With blockchain software, education systems can facilitate maintenance of student records, accelerate accreditation, enable decentralised learning, and protect intellectual property rights.


Blockchain-based IoT systems can take operational management to new heights in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, logistics, agriculture, and automotive.

Supply chain

Blockchain has changed how supply chains can be tracked, managed, and adjusted among all parties while supporting trustworthy record-keeping.


Although blockchain in gaming is nascent, transactions can occur near real-time less expensively; exchange of digital assets can also be enabled through NFT technology, providing players with additional protection against scams.

Why iTechArt

We hire top engineers

  • Dedicated blockchain developers with an analytical approach
  • 50 senior engineers with deep blockchain integration expertise
  • Dozens of completed blockchain projects

We embrace your needs

  • Seamless adjustment to client requirements
  • Laser-like focus on security and fraud prevention
  • Expertise in building regulations-compliant apps, including PCI DSS

We value your time

  • Two weeks from intro call to kick-off
  • Fast and effective scaling
  • 30% less time to market

Blockchain development platforms we use

We are constantly diversifying and growing our stack to develop, test, and deploy cutting-edge blockchain apps with the ledger that suits your unique infrastructure, challenges, and strategic vision.



  • Multichain
  • Ethereum
  • SkyLedger
  • Ethereum


  • Hyperledger
  • R3

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