Cloud application development

Our dedicated teams have the knowledge and expertise to help your company seamlessly migrate its digital assets, resources, apps, services, and databases to the cloud — or create a new, robust cloud-based solution that solves your toughest business problems.
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A sophisticated approach that solves complex challenges

You probably already know you want to go cloud-native, given the cloud’s advantages in terms of cost, accessibility, and security. But you might be scratching your head over what specific cloud solution will best power your business. Let iTechArt’s experts be your guide.
iTechArt’s private cloud solutions enable you to protect sensitive data, control the flow of information both internally and externally, and help your team to swiftly allocate and deliver on-demand IT resources.
We build hybrid cloud solutions that can scale easily and utilise the strengths of both public and private clouds where they’re most strategic for your business.
Our cloud development team has years of hands-on experience designing accessible and user-friendly public cloud products. Services distributed across multiple data centres mean reduced overhead.
We can help you determine how mixing and matching various cloud strategies can help your business become more agile and offer more services while improving security.

Full stack cloud development

We’re strategic in our selection of the right development toolkit for your custom cloud solution so your stack seamlessly integrates with any major cloud service provider.


AWS provides operational, software, and physical measures to make your applications durable, intuitive, secure, and accessible. Combine the AWS powerhouse with our in-house experience of over 15 years in custom development and the result is a secure solution that can take your business to the next level.

Google Cloud Platform

We leverage Google Cloud’s global scale, extensive fibre network, and analytics to support the productivity of your cloud computing solutions.

Rackspace Cloud

We’re seasoned pros when it comes to Rackspace, a leading end-to-end multicloud company known for updating apps and building entirely new solutions.


Whether building new apps or deploying existing ones, our team makes the most of Microsoft Azure’s extensive toolbox to help you manage business-critical software while meeting high performance standards.


Heroku is a multi-language platform as a service that iTechArt developers rely on to build, run, and operate apps entirely in the cloud.

Plan your cloud strategy

We operate with a strategic mindset geared towards innovation. We can develop the right cloud-native product to meet your needs now, while building in flexibility so you can scale and optimise down the road.

Here’s how we lead the pack in cloud-based app development.

We listen to your goals and help guide your product planning at every phase of its lifecycle. For us, it’s all about building a cohesive SaaS infrastructure that can scale quickly and seamlessly to meet your operational and business needs.
SharePoint and Office 365
We enable our clients to streamline workflows and employee collaboration in scalable, productive, and secure environments. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team will help you plan, deploy, configure, and maintain even the most complex server farm.

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