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Feb. 2, 2015

iTechArt: Big Data for big results

Today Big Data is changing the face of economy, healthcare, education, sales and many more. Companies all over the world see Big Data as a competitive necessity required to create new products; analyze, understand, and better serve the needs of customers.

iTechArt admits the fact that Big Data popularity is experiencing enormous growth. Nowadays a wide range of businesses perceives Big Data as a previously unknown key to tremendous opportunities. Being an innovative and open-minded partner to our clients, iTechArt immediately started to explore the Big Data world. iTechArt’s investments into this area result in our rapidly growing expertise in Big Data and thus increasing profits of our customers.

Big Data stands for a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is too large and complicated to process using traditional database and software techniques. Data analytics breaks down the data sets into smaller chunks for efficient processing and employs parallel computing to derive intelligence for effective decision-making. Here we can’t but mention Machine Learning and Data Mining, which made great impact on the Web, both in research and applications. Machine learning is a term that is closely tied to data science and Big Data on the whole. The goal of machine learning is to program computers to use example data or past experience to solve a given problem. Machine learning involves algorithm identification and finessing, whereas Data Mining implies a more static algorithm that is applied to fixed data. The output of machine learning is new algorithms identified through the process. Data Mining seeks to apply a pre-existing algorithm over data.

The demand for Big Data processing technologies is rising rapidly. Only Hadoop market is expected to exceed $50 billion by 2020, according to a recent report from Allied Market Research. Hadoop is one of the most popular platforms for working with Big Data. With the MapReduce model, Hadoop can take a query over a dataset, divide it, and run it in parallel over multiple nodes. Distributing the computation solves the problem of having data that’s too large to fit onto a single machine. For a range of Big Data projects iTechArt engineers use Spark, another fast and general processing engine compatible with Hadoop, along with NoSQL databases (Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.), numerous tools for Data Mining, Big Data search, data aggregation and transfer. 

One of our Big Data clients is Scivantage. Scivantage delivers intelligent and actionable information that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional financial software, helping improve investment decisions. iTechArt was involved in the development of Maxit product, a fully automated, real-time solution that provides accurate, adjusted cost basis reporting through a highly configurable platform. Furthermore, we deliver to our clients Big Data solutions for social networks, natural language processing, bioinformatics, retail, telecommunications, healthcare and insurance. iTechArt is convinced that the future is in Big Data, that’s why we are eager to gain new valuable skills in it and thus help our partners to remain at the top of  loaded with data business world.

Dec. 22, 2014

iTechArt 2014 contribution summary

As it’s time to say goodbye to 2014, iTechArt would like to sum up its results of the past year as well as congratulate our customers and partners with the upcoming holidays.

We witnessed another year of new opportunities, wins, partnerships and events. The company managed not only to preserve our steady growth but to come up with new achievements. In 2014 we went on growing, maturing and continuously cultivating expertise in Social Media, e-Commerce, Event Management and Cloud Computing. iTechArt has established another (3rd)  Microsoft Solution development department. Right now our MS resource pool comprises of over 200 engineers. Moreover, now we operate a brand-new Node.JS Practice Department. Today MEAN stack and particularly Node are growing faster than Ruby, Python and Java combined. Based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js allows developers to build scalable, real-time web applications leveraging their JavaScript knowledge on both Front End and Server Side. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and effective, which makes it perfect for data-intensive real-time apps that run across distributed devices. As we see its enormous potential and since we have always been good at following the latest tech trends, we expect huge volumes of Node work in 2015 and thus many satisfied customers.

In 2014 we experienced a considerable growth which reached 20%. Furthermore, another management level was added, which undoubtedly enables us to govern activities of the company even more professionally and efficiently. Apart from vitality of management level, we never underestimate engineers’ contribution which is actually the backbone of our success. In order to keep our employees motivated iTechArt enjoys holding various internal events. This year we organized several corporate Hackathons, teambuilding sessions, sport competitions as well as corporate technology workshops and meetups. That allows us to have the lowest attrition rate, to retain top talent within the walls of our company. However, our aim is not only to be appealing for existing specialists but to attract new talents. That’s why iTechArt is always on the lookout for ambitious and talented engineers with a positive attitude and commitment to efficiency and quality. This year we signed contracts with the best Belarusian technical universities, gaining access to highly-qualified and creative young talents.

iTechArt has become a reliable partner for a wide range of promising clients. Among our new clients one can find brand-new start-ups, tech-focused mid-sized businesses and well-known enterprise level brands. We are glad to admit that with the help of our company’s dedicated assistance our numerous partners experience growth and prosperity. iTechArt can proudly claim that we finish this year with high results and will aspire to attain new goals in the coming year.

We want to express our kindest greetings on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let New Year bring you new opportunities and may you rise to new heights. New beginnings will signify new chapter filled with pages of success and happiness, written by the ink of hard work and intelligence. May the joy of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year! Finally, remember where you have been consider where you are going but don't forget to enjoy where you are! Happy Holidays!

Nov. 26, 2014

iTechArt follows FinTech innovations

To stay up-to-date and vital for our clients, iTechArt always tries to broaden the knowledge and skills of its specialists.

At the same time, we are comfortable with sharing our long-lasting, successful experience with our customers, partners, competitors and prospects. Again and again we appear in the center of technology innovations. This time iTechArt took part in one of the most significant events in the FinTech sector - Finovate Fall 2014. Finovate Fall 2014 is a demo-based conference for innovative startups and well-established companies in the field of banking and financial technology. It offered an insight-packed glimpse of the future of e-Economy via a fast-paced and unique format. Finovate Fall 2014 attracted over 1500 leading financial executives, venture capitalists, journalists, industry analysts and entrepreneurs desirous of seeing recent FinTech tendencies. There we had a unique chance to get acquainted with never-before-seen innovations in today's most progressive tech domain.

FinTech stands for the segment of technology, which deals with mobile payments, peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding and money transfer services. Day after day FinTech solutions are becoming more and more popular among customers and thus enormously attractive for investors. Figures speak for themselves. Global investment in FinTech has more than tripled during the last five years – from under $930 million in 2008 to more than $2.97 billion in 2013 and is forecast to reach up to $8 billion by 2018.

iTechArt possess a remarkable experience in FinTech. We provide our clients with high-grade solutions, including Trading platforms, Wealth and Asset management, Advanced monitoring tools as well as Risk management and many others. Operating a dedicated FinTech department, which comprises of over 70 experts, we deliver our services to a wide range of companies: from such leaders of FinTech domain as GAIN Capital (NYSE:GCAP), Scivantage, mid-sized businesses as Kinetix Trading Solutions to VC backed startups as OptionsPlay. iTechArt invests in the development of internal FinTech expertise remaining open to new partnerships and striving to strengthen its position in this highly promising sector.

Our company has been recently invited to join FinovateEurope 2015 in London. It will showcase the cutting-edge of financial technology, whether it comes from established industry leaders or up-and-coming startups, and facilitate networking opportunities to make game-changing connections. And of course we won’t miss the chance to increase our awareness and share our views on the latest FinTech innovations.

Feb. 21, 2014

iBeacon and modern JS application frameworks, best practices and new approaches, cutting edge solutions and top-notch minds – this is the iTechArt Innovation lab.

As a part of our natural and organic development, we have recently opened a new corporate unit. This time, however, it is not another software development department. We are happy to announce the launch of the iTechArt Innovation Lab!

The world of software is expanding and developing rapidly. It is evolving and transforming all the time. Today it is almost impossible to imagine an e-commerce business without mobile browsers support or a large transportation company without an ERP System. If not to say more - keeping up with the latest technologies is a key part of success in today's business.

“We have been always cultivating the idea of innovations. So, I wouldn’t say that we have just decided to switch our focus from something “Medieval” to the most innovative trends. That’s not true. We were among the first companies that implemented and published an app on the App Store; we started working on the Android apps since the first stable release. Actively using such JS MVC as AngularJS, Backbone.js, Knockout.js and Ember.js Frameworks and creating cross-platform visually rich mobile solutions, we are proud to be among the technology leaders in Front end and Mobile Web sectors”, says Andrei Prohorenko, Head of Web and Mobile division.

Our company continue to grow, get more mature as well as continuously cultivate our expertise and explore the latest technologies and trends. The iTechArt Innovation Lab is intended to support those specialists, who are willing to keep abreast of modern IT trends, wants to stay at the forefront of advanced technologies and love challenges. We have opened an internal meetup for Senior engineers looking to broaden their technology horizons and deepen their existing competences.

Andrei Prohorenko adds, “Right now, we are exploring the world of Low Energy Bluetooth technology paying specific attention to iBeacon, an indoor positioning system promoted by Apple for IOS 7 devices. We’re sure that a combination of an appropriate app and iBeacon is going to change the way retail, m-commerce, event management and other businesses interact with their users and customers via a mobile device.”

iTechArt. Innovation Acceleration through the Proven practices. 

Nov. 1, 2013

iTechArt Group have been invited to join one of the biggest events in the Financial Sector

iTechArt Group proudly participated and sponsored Scivantage's 2013 Client Conference, a unique forum for clients, key financial industry institutions representatives and specialists, along with principal technology partners.

Scivantage is an independent financial technology provider with proven expertise in online brokerage, tax and portfolio reporting, and wealth management applications that automate and integrate key business practices for broker-dealers, mutual funds, custodians and prime brokers. Scivantage Client Conference 2013 took place on October 16-18 in Scottsdale, AZ. iTechArt had an honor to participate in the event as Scivantage’s technology partner.

Featuring a combination of key industry speakers, insightful panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions, the Scivantage Client Conference was designed to help attendees get the most out of their relationship with Scivantage and its strategic partners in order to strengthen customer relationships and improve financial market efficiency through enhanced technology solutions.

As Scivantage’s long-term technology advisor and software engineering services provider, iTechArt were noted for its considerable contribution to Scivantage’s products development and were valued for the impact they make on the financial domain on the whole. During the event iTechArt representatives met their friends, clients and colleagues as well as made a wide range of new contacts that quite soon could be converted into another bunch of long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations. More news shortly!

For over 5 years, iTechArt have been acting as a trustworthy technology partner with the leading financial companies and have established offshore dedicated development teams for such companies as Gain Capital (NYSE: GCAP), Scivantage, Kinetix Trading Solutions and Syrah Trading Technologies. 

June 12, 2013

iTechArt Group reinforces its focus on the Cyber Security domain

iTechArt Group, an active follower of the latest IT trends and a leader in IT software engineering in Eastern Europe, makes the first step towards building trustful partnership relations with one of the cyber security giants - Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is the world's largest privately held Internet Security company, providing comprehensive protection against all forms of IT threats such as viruses, spyware, hackers and spam. The company's products provide in-depth computer defense for more than 300 million systems around the world, including home and mobile users, small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises. The company currently works in more than 100 countries across the globe and has its own territory offices in 27 countries.

With the growing number of cyber threats and with the constant evolution of security alerts, it becomes more and more important to keep essential data safe and well-protected. Cybercriminals are working on innovative solutions allowing them to steal data, breach servers of well-established enterprises, gather credit card and bank account information. In today’s world of unknown vulnerabilities and new ways of penetration, cyber security solution implementation is trusted to the most reputable and solid vendors.

“We are really grateful for taking the opportunity to become a part of it,” says Stanislav Soloviyev, business development manager at iTechArt. “Right now we all realize that keeping your data invulnerable is one of the most essential factors of success in any business. Over the last few years we’ve gained pretty solid and deep vertical expertise in the IT Security sector. The agreement we signed with the Lab is the strongest proof of our credibility and high quality standards.”

iTechArt is cooperating with a range of companies specializing in cyber security and incident response solutions, including both well-known security product providers and rapidly growing startups.

March 6, 2013

Kids Academy reaches 10 million downloads!

Education is the best investment in the future and, undoubtedly, the most prescient one. As part of our forward-looking strategy, iTechArt Group continues to support e-learning technology companies and their initiatives.

Kids Academy is an early childhood education start-up specialized in book apps for the mobile market. The rapidly growing company is bringing value through education for children aged 2 to 6 teaching kids upper- and lower- case letters, word-letter associations, phonics, and spelling, and brings them endless fun and excitement. iTechArt has been working with Kids Academy since its establishment and has implemented a number of visually-rich and kid-friendly applications for iPhone, iPhone, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Founded in the end of 2011 with the first application released in July 2012, Kids Academy has reached 10 million downloads this month on the App Store market. The apps developed by iTechArt for Kids Academy received dozens of positive reviews and were top rated by Children’s Technology and Parent Reviews.

Highly-interactive applications with cute, brightly colored animation and intuitive UI attracted millions of users, what is a strong indicator of social proof and overall product line success.

We are happy that our team comprising illustrators, graphic and UI/UX designers, software and QA engineers delivers real tangible value and makes significant contribution to the development of education. Being a strategic technology partner with a number of well-known companies with strong focus on education, iTechArt will continue to expand our close relationships with the E-learning domain leaders and emerging start-ups.

Jan. 22, 2013

Software Automation Testing Tools Training

iTechArt is sharing knowledge with its competitors and potential clients who are looking to reach the highest level of quality.

iTechArt is the company that treats quality as the main driver of corporate development and treats the effort to achieve quality on all the projects we undertake. High quality of our solutions is not just a measure to increase our competitiveness, but the evidence of our commitment. Deep understanding of QA best practices along with substantial experience using the most significant Test Automation tools and platforms allows us to provide second-to-none service. Now we are ready for a new challenge – now we are happy to share our expertise with our competitors. 

Having gained solid experience in leveraging Test Automation best practices and techniques and having resolved over 1000+ unique QA challenges we just can’t keep our mouth closed any longer. We don’t want to boast about how happy our clients are and how dramatically they decreased their budgets making the most of the world of Test Automation. iTechArt announces a series of webinars where our QA professionals will share actionable, real-world insights and solutions covering the following topics and tools: Test Automation challenges, TFS, QTP, Visual Studio, Selenium, LoadRunner, SoapUI Web Service Testing, JMeter and more.

If you’re willing to attend one of our webinars or would like to see the recordings of our past QA live shows, please fill in the form here.

iTechArt maintains an independent Division of over 100+ experts including senior QA engineers, QA designers and Team Leads involved in all phases of application development to ensure consistency in requirements, designs and implementation. We have been providing Test Automation services for over 5 years and have established dedicated QA teams for such clients as Forex, Oracle and well-known leaders of education and cyber security domains.


  Who Works With Us

  • GAIN Capital
    In early 2010 iTechArt was selected as a strategic outsourcing partner by GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., a pioneer in online forex trading. GAIN operates, one of the largest and best-known brands in the retail forex industry. GAIN Capital provides execution, clearing, custody and technology products and services to an institutional client base including asset managers, broker/dealers and other financial services firms.
  • Oracle's ATG Web Commerce
    Oracle's ATG Web Commerce is the industry's top-ranked commerce solution that powers the world's best brands, and delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience. As an Oracle Preferred Vendor since 2011, iTechArt has extensively participated in the development of Oracle ATG Commerce solutions for Visa, American Express and other well-known brands.
  • Kaspersky Lab
    Kaspersky Lab an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions and threat management systems for consumers, SMBs and enterprises. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users.
  • MongoDB
    MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and agility in mind. The world’s most sophisticated organizations, from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies, use MongoDB to create applications never before possible at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases. iTechArt’s experts has been working with 10Gen team on a wide range of large-scale NoSQL solutions as well as Big Data and cache systems building high performance and robust products.
  • Pixable
    Pixable is a mobile startup headquartered in New York City. Pixable developed an application that aggregates and ranks photos across different online photo repositories allowing users access all the photos connected to them in one location. The company raised over $6 million from Highland Capital Partners and Menlo Ventures in 2011 and was acquired for $26.5 million by SingTel in 2012. iTechArt’s dedicated group of Senior Web and mobile Engineers has been an integral part of Pixable software development team for over 3 years.