How are outsourcing relationships managed?

To counter potential difficulties associated with managing geographically distributed teams, we have devised an end-to-end process framework which promotes integration, traceability and governance.

The framework involves first and foremost assigning a dedicated project manager, who is responsible for coordinating effort at our Belarusian office and has flexible working hours to adjust to the client’s schedule. Moreover, developers on the team are available via IM, email, and phone during business hours. Whenever necessary, cohesion within the team is reinforced by our managers’ onsite presence.

What are your business models?

Business models, organizational patterns and payment procedures are negotiated with each customer and individualized to best meet specific requirements.

We generally follow the Time and Material model, which is particularly suitable for dynamically evolving projects with sets of requirements likely to be subject to multiple modifications. The advantage of this model is its flexibility – the team size and the workload can be easily scaled in line with a revised project scope and/or schedule.

Yet another attractive option is the Offshore Development Center. Under this model, we set up a dedicated IT team, directly accountable to the customer and working as an extension for a remote team. The customer pays for the staff engaged on a monthly basis.

What can I outsource? Why should I? Who should outsource?

We have dealt with every stage of the software development lifecycle, from technical design and project management to implementation as such and quality assurance. By outsourcing these activities, you will be able to focus on the core of your business, easily extend your in-house workforce, keep up with the latest technologies, dramatically reduce IT costs and retain the competitive advantage. Outsourcing alternatives are numerous and can match the needs of virtually any business. Our customer base extends over the SOHO (small office / home office) segment, small and medium businesses (SMBs), and large enterprises, including both industrial customers and individual software vendors (ISVs).

Can I sub-contract software development projects to iTechArt?

Yes. We are open to long-term alliance partnerships with companies seeking to reduce development costs and augment their expertise.

What is your project management approach?

In managing software development projects, we adhere to internationally recognized standards and proven practices. For each individual project, approaches and methodologies are selected depending on the customer’s specific needs and in-house routines. Most commonly, we opt for agile methodologies, such as Scrum of MSF for Agile. However, a more formalized development approach can be selected if warranted by the context at hand.

Process accountability is ensured by Solution Management Gate, our in-house project management tool designed to streamline project routines such as reporting and time tracking.

Who owns the copyright and the source code upon project completion?

Unless otherwise specified, product copyright as well as the source code is the property of the customer. Additionally, you can choose to remove any references to iTechArt from the project documentation and associated materials.

What measures do you take to protect intellectual property and sensitive information?

We consider it essential to provide adequate protection for confidential information. We sign collective NDAs with each of our clients, which can be supplemented upon request by individual NDAs signed by the staff engaged in a particular project.

Can you take over unfinished software tasks/projects?

Yes. We can offer assistance at any stage of the software development lifecycle. Engagements of this kind are generally based on the fixed price model, wherein we provide you with an estimate of the required effort and costs. The estimate can be subsequently adjusted to evolved project specifications.

How do you handle the paperwork?

Headquartered in the US, iTechArt abides by the federal, state and local laws of the State of New Jersey, which eliminates the additional legal hurdles associated with managing international contracts.

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