In the age-old generalization versus specialization debate, we adhere to the subtle balance standpoint. We believe that a combination of the two seemingly incompatible forces works in an eye-opening way and raises the bar for what is deemed realistically achievable. Maintaining a laser-like focus on a single software development platform is alien to our philosophy. Instead, we cultivate a level of diversity which fuels a grassroots-level transfer of knowledge and results in an inside out understanding of platforms and toolchains. This mindset has allowed us to assort a collaborative association of specialized micro-communities that are passionate about their individual focus areas, yet unfettered by unbending assumptions.

Multi-Purpose Platforms

Our core competencies revolve around a trio of massive, trend-setting technological bundles which provide the groundwork for a sizeable spectrum of solutions, from lightweight applications to enterprise-level software, for the web, desktop or mobile devices.


Software-as-a-Service, the social web, the browser as a universally accessible gateway for content and functionality, and a global dependence on the network connection – an essential web development toolbox has evolved into a skeleton key to a slew of opportunities.


Catering to a versatility of mobile computing needs, such as connecting field workers, implementing multi-device applications, or enabling service providers to reach and engage customers, we employ a context-focused, platform agnostic approach.


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